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The Little Black Dress


The work produced for AD203 is a live brief. We are required to present a body of research aimed at a particular theme and market level. The research will cover historical referencing, individual themed research, key trends, and market level. Over the summer we have been set a summer brief, so far I have began researching into themes and presenting this work in a sketchbook.

We must include Haute Couture research and presentation boards, PrĂȘt-a-Porter research and presentation boards, Pioneer of the Little Black Dress, Key trends, Top 10 black dresses on the high street, Theme presentation boards, Technical flats, Sampling, Line-ups, a sketchbook and evaluation. We have been shown Vintage black dresses in a range of different style from a range of eras.

The Look Book.

Today we met with the FdA Graphics students from college who will be designing the layout and arrangements of the pages for the Look Book styling project. The look book will be handed out to people at Newcastle Fashion week as well as our end of year show which is a great opportunity for ourselves to promote our hard work! They have came up with a range of contemporary ideas for the Look Book including different styles of typography, line drawings over photographs overlapping, technical flat drawings and our own illustrations.
They had an idea of creating the book so it looks like a notebook with the metal spine showing, but this would only be a photograph and we could add our signatures to make the pages more personal.
As everybody is just as awkward and strong-minded it was touch trying to come to any kind of decision on anything that had just been presented to us!
We decided to just put a few ideas forward, and the Graphics students would take this on board and then make some new designs.
We decided on a professional looking Look Book with no note pad effect which will keep it refined and polished looking.

Hope you like it; keep your eyes peeled in Newcastle!
May 26th!!

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