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AD206 Negotiated Project

Recently we have been overrun with a range of new projects. One of these is a negotiated project where we have been asked to work alongside a photographer and come up with a range of ideas for photographs and styles for my current Little Black Dress project. I began collecting tear sheets from magazines, imagery from Look Books online of how I would like to style and shoot the look. Ideas include hair, make-up, location, props, lighting, poses, and accessories. My theme is armour, I decided that because my garment is quite complicated and intricate I would shoot my photographs in the studio using a completely white background. I chose this as I want to direct all of the attention to the garment as this is the important focus point and I wouldn’t want to distract attention.

The work I produce from this module will then be part of a look book and will promote both college and myself during Newcastle Fashion Week. As a whole group we have been discussing how we would like the final look book to be designed and laid out, this is very important as this is also a great opportunity for us as a group to show off all of our hard work as designers! As well as this we must produce a visual 1000 word essay based on the evaluation of work produced to add to my portfolio and a 200 word self promotional piece including my thoughts and influences.

We have met up with the graphics students at college who are working on putting the Look Book together. The book will be handed out during Newcastle Fashion Week and is a huge opportunity for us to show off our work and also promotes the college on the high level of work we are able to produce. During their research they have noticed that typography is very popular in fashion, they have designed a range of different looks using a range of handwriting fonts and a mixture of capitals and lower cases which can look very effective. Other ideas which people seemed to like was to display our images as Polaroid’s which looked very successful I though, the images are small but this means each person would be able to display 4 or 6 images from their photo shoot. Ideas of using flat designs, overlapping images, line drawings and signatures on the pages were also discussed. As everyone has different ideas, this discussion went on for some time! So the graphic designers decided to take some of the most popular ideas away with them and rescheduled another date to show us their new ideas.

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