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Computer Aided Design.

CAD makes it possible for companies to produce garments using electronic means, instead of using old-fashioned paper and cardboard patterns and blocks. This means that garments can be mass produced, so that productivity is at its maximum.  As CAD is also stored on discs, they are easier to store than paper and cardboard patterns and blocks. This is an advantage in the twenty-first century, when the cost of factory space is so high. These storage discs can also be copied and stored in fire-proof safes, so guaranteeing their safety. Paper and cardboard patterns and blocks could be destroyed in a fire and the cost, both for the designer and the manufacturer would be disastrous.


Spec Drawings

During this project I was very good at staying on target with my schedule, I kept a weekly diary of my progress which helped me to keep on track. I was very pleased with how my spec drawings turned out, I am extremely pleased with my grade as I know how difficult I found illustrator at first. After only a few sessions I was able to understand illustrator and use all of the necessary tools correctly. I am happy with the standard of work I completed, both spec drawings and written work.

I was not particularly comfortable with using illustrator when I began the project which instantly put me off the project. After a few more sessions I became a lot more comfortable with the programme and started to enjoy using it, by the end I found I was able to use all of the tools I needed with confidence and I’m happy with the way my final spec drawings turned out.

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