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Trend Bible.

We had a visitor from the industry today, she was called Alice who works for a company called Trend Bible. She presented to us what Trend Bible was and what the company is all about.I really enjoyed looking through the trend books she brought to explain things clearly. I was interested in how the company focuses on both interiors and fashion. So we got a feel of the sort of work they carry out and how we as up and coming designers could also predict upcoming trends. Trend Bible forecasts future trends and publishes books for home interiors and children’s trends and can then tell their customer what they want to hear.

We were told of how Trend Bible have recently worked very closely with Tesco, the trend books feature Tesco and this increased their profits by more than £5 billion.

There are over 30 trend agencies with different specialism’s which gain their knowledge through events, seminars, graduate shows, craft fairs, flea markets and exhibitions. The positive payback of this for Tesco is to gain more business, increase sales and press attention and to give staff confidence in the company.
The drawback of getting trends wrong is that customers will go elsewhere to shop, the ranges will look out of touch, they won’t get the press attention they were previously used to and the company will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Catwalk trends, fashion blogs, travel, food, technology and fabric development, social and your instinct are all ways on how to trend forecast.
Many websites are available to help with this such as:

Facebook/trend bible

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