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Steam Punk

In three short words, Steam Punk is Victorian Science Fiction. Steam Punk has existed since the 19th century; it is a sub genre of science fiction, alternative history and speculative fiction. Steam Punk mostly became famous in the 1980’s, the genre also involves an era where a steam-powered world was still broadly fashioned; this was usually the 19th century where Victorian era Britain included aspects of either science fiction or fantasy.
Steam Punk is different to any other project I have previously completed, the genre is not something I would usually be interested in, however once i had began to research this became very interesting to me. This is the first time i have designed and made my own garment. I have altered garments in the past and used a sewing machine before but never pattern cut and sewn to this standard.

Here are some images I have photographed of my finished Steam Punk garment; overall I am overjoyed with the ending result. I feel the colour and fabric both match well with the theme and look sophisticated and professional at the same time. Because this is one of a kind makes the end result extra special

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