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Shoe Project: Art & Design Foundation


I came across a poem, including this very distinctive group of words which I chose to use as my theme for this project. I realised some of these words are contradicting, but I used this to create a very distinctive collection.

Observational Drawings
I have used a range of media including markers, pencil, water colour and ink to create a range of effects within this piece of work. Although i like the bold tones which the marker creates,i think the pencil and ink are more suited to the theme, because you can see the lines in the drawing which i think look more energetic.

Inspiration Board 
I collected a range of images which I thought suited my chosen theme. Lily - delicate, Tiger/Panther -Energy Fierce and the fashion photo shoot represents attitude.

Design Development
My design development is again based around my theme, I have tried to capture the words in my drawing, creating bold lines and shading to try and create the effect of burst of energy and movement.

Final Illustration
I have chosen my favourite pair of stilettos from my collection in my final illustration. I tried to keep the colours to a minimum to help the shoes to really stand out boldly, I think I have managed to do successfully; my favourite aspect is the tiger effect on the girls’ face which I also think looks effective against her smoky grey hair.


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