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Architecture Project

Sketchbook Work
Here I have created 2 collages of architectural imagery which I felt all worked really well together, I have layered images and used tracing paper. The garments which I have chosen are all structural in different ways, pleats, volume and structure. I was trying to create as many ideas as possible at the time as I wasn’t entirely which root I was taking with this project so I collated my ideas together to help.

'Menswear inspired suiting and outwear are key looks, the smartest way to carry off the minimalist trend.'

Inspiration Boards
I created these two boards to generate some ideas as a starting point for this project. I designed them to sit side by side in my portfolio, although they contradict each other colour wise, they are both architecture themed so I think they mix well together. I think the images I have chosen are very artistic and represent the theme well.

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